From employees to digital advocates

Employees are the best promoters of an organisation. They are trustworthy, genuine in their opinions and they tell stories that others can relate to. But how do you motivate and empower employees to share these stories with the world? 

The Challenge

Employee advocacy is a strong communication tool, but how do you make it a success for both employees and the company? Management must be willing to trust the employees by giving up control of the communication and employees must be given the knowledge, skills and motivation to share their stories about the company they work for.

The Solution

We developed an employee advocacy campaign for Danish Crown – called Crownies – which encouraged the employees and gave them the skills and confidence to share stories from their work-life. We conducted training courses and coached the employees on how to style and share their stories, and how to behave on social media. Within one year, the course’s 88 participants produced over 790 unique posts from their social media profiles on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn. The posts spoke of company culture, work-life, job postings, products and a host of other fun and useful information.


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