IT skills of the future  

It doesn’t matter how many IT specialists we educate if their skills don’t meet the needs of their employers. We did an in-depth inspection of graduates with an MSc in IT to uncover a possible gap between education and the job market. 

The Challenge

A great part of the present debate on Denmark’s digitalization is focused on the anticipated demand of IT specialists in the business sector in 2030 in order to ensure that the demand for personnel with specialist competencies in IT architecture, programming, system analysis, development, etc. will be accommodated. The debate is important since we need to be able to estimate how many students can be enrolled in Danish IT educations.

The Solution

On behalf of an educational and research collaboration between Syddansk University, Aalborg University and Aarhus University (anchored in the cross-institutional unit called It-vest), we studied competencies and value creation among 4,000 graduates from the three universities. We combined different data collection methods. These were large scale data scrapings of LinkedIn profiles, data extractions from Statistics Denmark as well as qualitative interviews. The study helped It-vest make decisions for the future structure of their MSc in IT educations and to ensure that all future graduates are valuable to their industry. 


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