New solutions in the offshore industry 

It is difficult to be innovative in a large corporation. It sometimes requires a different organizational set up than the one needed to run the core business. An Innovation Lab might be what you are looking for.

The Challenge

The economy is always in a state of flux and companies need innovative solutions to keep up with the demands from the market. Coming up with fresh ideas might not be hard for some businesses. But developing, executing and in the end implementing these ideas - can be tricky –  especially if you are a large, multifaceted company.

The Solution

We helped create, build and implement an Innovation Lab at the offshore company Semco Maritime. The innovation lab became a lever for the realization of the company’s innovation strategies for digital transformation. The lab is now an integrated and central part of the company’s journey towards digital transformation. We are still on board, advising the lab on how to continuously improve its innovative capabilities and how it impacts the core business.


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