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Turn a secret bunker into a historical museum

Below the surface of a forest in northern Denmark lies one of the best-kept secrets in Danish military history. Well, it’s not a secret anymore, because now it’s being turned into an astonishing new museum. 

The Challenge

The Cold War has been over for a long time, and the atomic bunker REGAN VEST went out of service in 2012. Since then the goal has been to turn it into a museum. But, how do you go about creating such a museum and what’s the business case supporting it? To answer this question, The Historical Museum of Northern Jutland (Nordjyllands Historiske museum) sought after knowledge on how to establish a solid business case for the new museum. This was needed in order to secure funding and develop a financially sustainable museum.

The Solution

With our knowledge and experience from developing and operating museums, we created a tailored business case for the coming REGAN VEST museum. This included elements such as estimates on numbers of visitors, assessment of the market and an estimated cost of operations. The business case was included in the funding applications which helped secure governmental and private funding amounting to over 70 million DKK.


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