Creating better tools to prevent bullying

The Mary Foundation and Save the Children Denmark are on a mission to prevent bullying! In 2016 they launched a manual to help daycare workers, teachers and parents prevent bullying and support children.  


Since 2007, The Mary Foundation (Mary Fonden) and Save the Children (Red Barnet) are behind the anti-bullying campaign Free of Bullying targeting children aged 0-9. The campaign materials were developed in 2016, and it was time to reflect on the outreach of the part of the programme focussed on children aged 0-3. We were asked to evaluate the materials from a user perspective and facilitate a collaborative process to develop new and updated materials. 


We performed observational studies in daycares to collect data on the behaviours and day to day routines of both children and employees. The Free of Bullying secretariat participated in the observations, in order to build on their abilities to combat bullying and to implement the new findings. Thereafter, we facilitated a process to update the Free of Bullying materials in collaboration with practitioners, experts and the secretariat.


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