Let's explore how art impacts our lives

How does viewing or experiencing a form of art affect us? We can learn a great deal as it turns out, by the audience themselves. If only we dare to ask.

The challenge

Understanding the Impact of Art Engagement 

We know how many visitors go to art museums each year. We also know a great deal about the visitors - where they reside, their educational level, age, gender etc. But one variable remains unanswered: How does interacting and viewing art affect the visitor? One may have a life-changing experience, while another is completely unaffected or moved. By looking only at the traditional statistics of the visitor(s) we cannot differentiate from the latter.

The solution

Measuring Impact Calls for New Methods  

Together with the Bikuben Foundation (Bikubenfonden) we embarked on a mission to truly understand how art can influence and impact us and what those experiences actually mean to the visitor. We engaged in conversations with the audience and observed their behavior. We analyzed the context in which these experiences took place. And we delved into the world of emotions, thoughts, behavior, memories, social bonds, and more. The project provided a method tool and a new language for how to investigate the impact of art.

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