Future-proofing the history of mankind

Moesgaard wants to welcome visitors by putting engagement and interaction first.

The challenge

Rethinking tomorrow’s museum experiences digitally

Moesgaard Museum, the leading Danish museum for cultural history, lives and breathes to curate stories of past and present. Alongside a DNA rooted in prehistory and anthropology, the museum is among the pioneers of designing museum experiences out of the ordinary. Moesgaard’s ambition is to make sustainable exhibitions that live longer. New exhibitions require many resources – so why not make the most of what already exists?

We posed that very question together with Moesgaard. And the answer covers nothing short of a digital transformation driven by engaging stories across platforms. But what’s in it for visitors?

The solution

More stories, more interaction

Moesgaard Museum’s digital vision: Make it easier for visitors to engage in the big picture! And getting there meant rethinking the digital strategy through a transformation project rooted in that vision – and supported by three essential initiatives:

  • Offer more, and more diverse, entries to the museum experience.
  • Enable visitors to engage with the many stories Moesgaard offers.
  • Create independent digital experiences that bring the museum’s stories to life in new contexts.

Moesgaard Museum is an engine for both content development and technological implementation. Moesgaard is here to preserve and extend prehistory digitally – and they’re just getting started.

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