Danish artists go abroad

The Danish Arts Foundation offers a variety of grants and programs to support the internationalization of Danish art. But do the programs work and how can they become even better in the future? 

The challenge

Taking the Perspective of the Artist

The Danish Arts Foundation's (Statens Kunstfond) Project Support Committee for Visual Art has a vision to disseminate art both nationally and towards an international market. But what is the best approach to support artists? The Arts Foundation has developed several grants and programs over the years. They are all based on The Danish Arts Foundation’s understanding of the international ecosystem for the arts. This understanding as well as the grants and programs needed to be tested through the perspective of the users - the artists themselves.


The solution

The Global Impact

We examined The Danish Arts Foundation’s international activities by focusing on the beneficiaries and their experiences and evaluations. Our analysis was based on qualitative interviews as well as a questionnaire among Danish artists. The results brought about deep insights regarding the value of the grants and programs from the perspective of the artists. The report served as documentation and a basis for further development of the committee’s continued international work.

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